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What Makes Me Different

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter teacher/mentor that wants to stay in the lines and follow a bland formal structure, then you’re in the wrong place. I am a multifaceted creative person with a unique blend of identities that I bring into my work. To gain just a brief snapshot of the type of person I am, here are some key facts about me:

Becki, a medium build white human with purple hair is lying on a large pink fluffy beanbag on a green floor with pink walls around them. Becki is wearing a dark pink skirt and green tights with a dark green long sleeved shirt, black braces with various pin badges and a turquoise bow tie. They also have a black trilby hat on, and floral vintage doc martens. Their arms are above their head, one lifting their hat slightly off their head. They are laughing joyfully.

Passionate about accessibility 
Intersectional feminist
Polyamorous Relationship Anarchist 
Tea drinker 
Lifelong student
Musical theatre lover
Personal growth
Therapy advocate
Night owl 
Body hair activist
Fat Liberation

Work with Me

Like the sound of who I am and what I do? You can get in touch with me now, by emailing, or WhatsApp/text/call me on 07584662225.