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Voice Lessons

The Key Points

Image shows Becki, with their left hand in the air, pointing, to signify changing pitch vocally. They are smiling, with their mouth open. They are wearing a rainbow sequin leotard (which they made themselves, with the help of some friends), have bare legs, and a yellow flower clip (also made themselves) in their wavy purple hair. Behind them, tables can be seen with various raffle prizes on.

  • I primarily teach queer people, aged 15 to 35, however have some availability for people outside of this. If you are interested in being taught by me, please contact me.
  • Currently I’m teaching online only.
  • I have a variety of services I offer for lessons, including: singing training, spoken voice exploration, songwriting, and western music theory.
  • My main singing genre specialties are musical theatre and pop, however I also work with students who sing the following genres: classical crossover, jazz, blues, vintage, R’n’B and rock. My teaching style is more about you and your voice than your genre, so if you feel you will connect with me as a person, I’d love to hear from you. 
  • My lessons do not follow a blueprint, and are as individual as you are. When we start our lesson, that time is yours, for whatever you need. If in that moment, you need something other than what the time was originally booked for – if you need someone to vent to, a shoulder to cry on, or my opinion on something, I am honored to be that person for you. Please know that when you come to a lesson with me, I have no expectations of what you will get from that – only that I know you will get something from it. 
  • My current prices are £35 an hour for one-to-one lessons. I offer weekly, fortnightly, or “book in as you go” lessons to suit you. I also have other pricing options available, including payment plans, and energy exchanges.

If after reading the above you’d like to get in touch, to book a lesson, please get in touch by emailing me: You can also find out more about me as a singing teacher and my lessons below. 

Prices for Voice Lessons

Half an Hour: £20.00
One Hour: £35.00
Two students in one lesson: £60 per 1 hour

Most people I work with benefit from one hour lessons, however this is something we will discuss when you contact me. I am happy to offer weekly, fortnightly or “book in as you go” lessons to suit you.

Genres Taught

There are a wide range of genres that I can teach. If you are just starting to learn, I will take you on a discovery of your voice, and help you find what type of music you like best, and what suits your voice.

Some of the genres I teach in my singing lessons are:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Popular Music
  • Vintage
  • Disney
  • A cappella
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Soul
  • Rock

Singing Lesson Content

All of my lessons are tailored to the student, however here are some of the sorts of things you can expect to explore in lessons with me.

Warm Ups: These are important so as to not damage your voice. We will do warm ups that are relevant for the songs/techniques we are currently working on, and I will also work with you to help you understand what kinds of warm ups you need for your voice and type of voice use.

Technique: This will range from breathing, posture, vocal range, performance and many others, depending on what it is you want from your singing lessons. For students who are already singing regularly, lessons often can become quite technique focused, allowing them to truly start to understand their own voice.

Songs: Song choices are dependent entirely on what you want to do. For some students I will choose songs for them to work on based on their vocal range, and preferences, and for others, they will bring song choices to me, and we will have a look at these. What I find works for most students is a mix of songs picked by themselves, and some picked by me.

If a student is working towards a performance / competition / show, I am happy to focus on these songs, even if the performance is not something I am involved with (For example: a school performance).

After the first few lessons, I like to let the student steer the lesson to a certain extent, letting them choose which songs they’d like to learn to sing, which techniques they want to learn, and whether they’d like to take exams.

I feels this helps develop the students singing voice a lot better than telling them what they are doing next, as if they are happy with what they are doing, they will remember more of what is said, & enjoy the lessons more!

Gaining Qualifications

I am a Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts Award Adviser, which is a scheme run by Trinity with the aim being to expand young people’s (ages 11 – 25) experiences and skills within the arts.

Find out more on their website

OmniArts GB

I am the founder and owner for non-profit performing arts group, OmniArts GB, which is a community led organisation, with the ethos “making the arts accessible for everyone”. We run groups online and in-person in Portsmouth.

Find out more about this organisation here.