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Hello, beautiful humans. I thought I’d do a video because I feel like … I’m liking watching people’s videos at the moment. (I like watching people’s videos anyway), but at the moment to see your face and you know, just another way of connecting with people is really nice, so that’s why I’m doing video. I also have my makeshift green screen behind me, which is just a blanket all set up ready to use the awesome virtual backgrounds on Zoom. So that’s why I look quite professional!

I wanted to do a video to ask your opinion on something. I’m looking at my next few weeks, and whilst I still have a lot of students doing their lessons (online), I have had a few people that have us to pause their lessons for the moment, which I completely understand. I am full-time self-employed and all of my income comes from my teaching, so as student numbers go down, obviously, that’s my income. I want to start offering some group things online, and I wondered if anyone had some thoughts on what they would like to see. The offerings that I will be doing will be open for anyone to join – I’ll probably be doing them on Zoom and anyone can sign up, but I will be running on a donation request basis. So if you can chuck a couple of quid my way for the sessions that would be great, and hopefully if we can spread the word and get lots and lots of people on, then that’s going to help me going forward to keep my house, and keep living where I live and, keep bills being paid and that sort of thing. You’ve probably seen that a lot of self-employed people are struggling right now. I am really lucky, because I am in a situation where I do still have some income, but that could drop off at any moment. So I’m just trying to look ahead.

My thoughts of what I could offer are: a beginner’s how to read sheet music. I can also do pretty much any singing stuff really! I could do some characterisation, I could do working on crossing the gear change, on finding modal. I could do beginner singing – like explain these terminologies that I’ve just thrown at you – that sort of thing. I could do expanding your range. I could maybe do a troubleshooting session, where people send in specific questions, and we maybe do it as going round (the video call) and people sing me something and I troubleshoot it and we can have just like an open session. There’s so many options, and that’s just singing. I also have a lot of Dance /experience so I could run some dance sessions – some beginner Tap maybe, if anybody’s interested in doing some tap stuff. I could do that online and also some drama stuff. I’m looking at getting Ellie, my theatre director who run the youth theatre with me at OmniArts and runs the adult group at OmniArts – I’m going to talk to her about running some sessions as well so we could do some characterisation, improvisation, some script writing sessions, some sort of performance skills – all sorts of things like that. Yeah. So let me know your thoughts. I could also do vocal health and vocal safety – not just for singing but also for speaking, and sort of how the voice works if anybody’s interested in anatomy of the voice and how it’s doing its thing, and even things like how we shape words – I find like the use of words really interesting – the way that we shape words and how we can apply that to create different accents and things like that. So, yeah, let me know your thoughts on what sessions you would be interested in seeing if you would sign up and yeah, I’ll see what I can do. Okay, thanks, bye!

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: a singing for fun sing along session, where I will sing things, the participants are on mute, so you can sing along, and if people have any questions on particular things, they can ask at the end of each song, and I can do some exercises and things.

Specific age related music sessions – for those of you who are not in school, but have music things you’ve been working on, we could have a group session for things like that.

If you are looking for one-to-one singing lessons, beginner piano/music theory or beginner dance lessons, or small group lessons, please do let me know, as I do have some spaces available at the moment. (this could be a few friends who all log in at the same time, or family singing lessons for all ages to join in with)