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Links from the BLM youtube video

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Put together by Zoe Amira, by watching this video all the way through, without skipping the ads, you will be helping support the organisations listed in the description of the video by way of donation from the money made from the ads. In this post below I have listed links to all the artists showcased, as I couldn’t find it anywhere else in linkable format. Feel free to share this list wherever you like – copy and paste it directly into a post, or share the link to this page – whatever works for you – and follow and support the artists in this video!

I’ve posted this here as it’s a place I have complete control over how the links appear, so it should be easy to copy from – rather than Facebook, where long links are shortened when copying, and other social media platforms where there aren’t enough characters allowed for a post like this. If I’ve made any mistakes/missed any links, please do let me know.

Jenifer Lewis
“Take Your Knee Off My Neck”

“Black is Beautiful”

Aliyah Nadal

Krystal-Flora Dureke

Nick Daly

“All I Really Want”
“You’re The Best Part”


Rebecca Brown


Nyota Parker

Cedric St Louis ft. Ruth

Abigail Wilson-Kageni

Taylor White


Lisa Paravano

Rachel McBride (poem)
“Dear America, Black Lives Matter”
(No links found)

Clint Bent Music
“Ain’t The Same”

Ashley McCrea

Emmanuel Minko (Ya Minko)
“Better Tomorrows”

Cindy B
“No Reply”

Pixie Sofio

Makeda Brown




Isaiah Davenport
“Off My Feet”
“Never Know”
(Can’t find any links!)

Ellie Downs

Ejiwa Ebenbe

“Feeling For Ya”

Tiger Goods
“Mean Girls”

ZTR Toons


Dimanék ft AC $crilla

Jada Sands

Ashley Hubbartt