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International Women’s Day

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Hi! So, Happy International Women’s Day – which was today. I took part in an event today, which I knew was going to be incredible – and it was – it was amazing. It was with Vie, who organised it for her CIC. In fact, I’m sitting here my little goodie bag here (shows purple paper goodie bag with Vieness sticker on it) and I ran a workshop at it – I ran a singing for confidence Workshop.

Usually with these sorts of events, I am quite good at taking photos, and posting stuff throughout the day as to what I’m up to, and encouraging people to have a look at – you know, what it is I’m doing. You may have noticed – no updates today – because I am still in…not the best place. However, I was there I ran my workshop with loads of enthusiasm and loads of energy. I was literally sweating by the end – I think most of us were because it was quite warm in there! We were jumping around and putting lots of energy in. I wore my rainbow sequin leotard and I talked a little bit about body hair, and I had someone come up and say thank you for doing that. So I’m really glad I did. And yeah, I was there. I didn’t get the photos with all the different people that I would have wanted to – I sort of kept myself to myself a little bit more than I usually do – but I showed up, and I wish I could have been more present and more there, but I couldn’t. I did what I could today and that was quite a lot for me, for how I’ve been feeling for the last few weeks.

I feel like I am coming through this kind of feeling that I’ve had for the past few weeks, but I don’t fully know yet how I’m feeling really. I feel a little bit blah, but saying that I am eating out of choice now rather than my friends (who have been incredible, by the way) coming around and literally just putting food in front of me. I am choosing food. I had a take away this evening because I could. But it was food and I ate it (and they gave me rainbow drops with my takeaway. How cute is that? haha um side note.) So yeah, that’s what I’ve done today.

And this video is kind of a follow on from mental health, but it is also about International Women’s Day. And I want to say thank you to some really specific women – humans really because (you know) gender identity is what you make it – who (my G-d) they have been there for me these past few weeks. They have gone above and beyond.

The first person is Cassie, who I literally can’t put into words how amazing she has been over the last few weeks. She has been here, in my house every day that she could – every evening that she could. She has ridden over here on her motorbike straight after work. She works as a nurse in Southampton (I’m going to get emotional, and I don’t get emotional like this.) She has ridden over at midnight after her shift to be with me because of how I was feeling. (pauses while holding back tears) And she’s just been there and held me and told me that it’s going to be okay. Yeah, I can’t express my gratitude enough to her.

And Vie who has been organising this huge event has happened today and has had some really rubbish stuff happen recently for her as well. She’s been texting me every single day. (I didn’t think I was gonna get emotional – sorry.) She’s been texting me every single day to check in and see how I am.

And Hannah has been round multiple times to cook for me and just be a listening ear. And my friend Emily came round and I’ve had people message me to say, you know, I’m here. My mentor Anne – I had a session with her last week, and she just let me cry for the whole session and talk, and she gave me advice. My friend Kat is coming down on her week off tomorrow to be with me for the next few days. And yeah, my brains a little bit mushy right now, and I don’t know if I forgotten anyone but if I have it’s because there’s just been so many people popping me messages of support and that means so much.

So, thank you.

And yeah, Happy International Women’s Day.