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Everyone should have therapy!

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So I just had therapy, which you can probably tell from my eyes being a little bit puffy from crying. And yeah, I just wanted to do a quick video. (Hopefully it’ll be quick. You know what I’m like, maybe not quick) about therapy, which I’ve talked about openly on Instagram many times already.

I started therapy in November last year after wanting to find therapist for quite a while. And honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve done and I think everyone should do it. That’s it. That’s pretty much that’s what I wanted to say. (Laughs)

If you can do therapy do it, and I think what’s frustrating about therapy is that it’s not fully accessible to people who have low income and things like that. I wish it was and I wish I could do something about that and help with that.

But if you can have therapy get it if you are not sure if you need it then get it.

because it’s really good basically. And I’m saying that from a point of view right now of somebody who is right in the middle of something. I’m okay. But I touched on quite a lot of stuff in my therapy today that was quite difficult, and it was like starting to look at how I see things and yeah, there’s a lot to undo. There’s a lot to look at, and a lot to explore and that’s quite scary, as I’m quite an immediate person. I like to know things – I like to to be able to fix things straight away, and I can’t do that, because there’s a lot to even just figure out what needs fixing – I don’t even know what needs fixing, and then we’ve got to figure out how to fix that, and that might then uncover some other stuff that needs fixing, and that’s kind of the point of therapy.

When I started therapy. I actually was like, I don’t really know if there’s anything here that needs looking at, but I know that I want to learn more about myself, and that’s why I went into therapy and now like months down the line (it was the end of November December January March), so four months in – I had fortnightly sessions to start with and then about a month ago I went weekly, and yeah, like it’s….I think everyone should do it.

There’s nothing wrong with going to therapy. In fact, it shows that you are willing and wanting to grow as a person, and become a better person, and learn more about yourself and about others, and how you interact with people and how you respond to certain situations and why you respond to certain situations, and is that healthy, and how can you respond in a healthier way and live your life happier.

So yeah therapy is good. Do it if you can.