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Are you queer inclusive?

Yes, as a fellow queer person I understand how to work with you in a sensitive and empowering way without invalidating or ignoring your identity. I do not tolerate any kind of discrimination, and always do my best to ensure I know the beliefs and ethics of people before I work with them. I am a huge advocate for people exploring their identity, and every service provided by me or my company is a safe space for you to be able to do that, with full support and no judgement.

What do you do to ensure accessibility for disabled people?

As someone with ADHD and chronic pain, I understand that accessibility looks different for different people. These are things I currently do, however if you have specific access needs, please do discuss them with me.

In my services

  • Before our first session I will always ask you what access requirements you have. I currently work online, and primarily use Zoom as the platform we call on, however can use others if they are better for you. 
  • Outside of our sessions, I am happy to communicate in whatever way is best for you. We can use any format that works for you – email, WhatsApp, text, FB messenger, IG messenger. I’m more than happy to communicate through typed messages. voice memos or videos.
  • Because I don’t use templates for my teaching and coaching, I will work with you to find the best format for any information you need and documents we create.
  • I am always learning more, and regularly read articles and posts about accessibility, and when I learn something new, I do my best to implement that as soon as I can. 

Online (across all my businesses)

  • I include descriptions on all images on my websites and social media
  • I include transcripts/captions on all videos I have created on my website and social media
  • If I am sharing media that might be triggering, I will include a content or a trigger warning

How are you actively anti-racist? 

In both my personal and professional life I am constantly actively learning about systemic racism, and the true history of the world through reading books, articles, and posts from Black people on social media. I am aware that I hold privileges as a white person. If I see or hear racist comments and posts from people I am connected with, both online and offline, I challenge them, and always do my best to educate people who are unaware of their own white privilege. I make a conscious effort to call out racist comments, particularly when I see them from white people on a Black person’s status. I am still learning to dismantle the unconscious bias in myself, as well as learning how I can contribute to dismantling systemic racism. I make sure I am aware of the beliefs and ideals of people I work with, and places I buy from. 

Is there anyone you don’t work with?

I pride myself on being completely inclusive, and have a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. I also pride myself on doing my best to ensure everyone I work with has ideals that align with my own. I will not work with people who are: homophobic, transphobic, bi/panphobic, racist, ableist, any other kind of “-phobic” or “-ist”, and any or all forms of body shaming. 

Business Coaching

Do you offer ongoing coaching as well?

Absolutely. Because everything I do is tailored to you, if ongoing coaching is something you want, and we both feel is going to be beneficial for you, we will work together to create an ongoing coaching plan just for you. 

What are your prices?

I have some set packages with prices listed on my website, however I have a sliding scale on all my prices, and am able to offer payment plans. My ultimate goal is to help as many people realise their dream as possible. If you feel I can help you, but are worried about the prices, please still reach out to me. Open that conversation, and I’ll see if there is a way I can help you. 

Is your coaching just for creatives?

No. It’s true that I have worked with writers, teachers, performers, artists, and helped launch the careers of many other creatives. But I do not limit my services to creative businesses. My skills and approach are flexible and I can happily adapt to whatever field your business is in. I believe finding a business coach is similar to finding a singing teacher or a therapist. You need to click with them – and they with you, in order for you to get the best from them. If you feel I am someone you will click with from what you have read about me, but your business idea is not in the creatives industries – please still get in touch to see if I might be the right fit for your startup.