What Makes Me Different

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter business coach that wants to stay in the lines and follow a bland formal structure, then you’re in the wrong place. I am a multifaceted creative person with a unique blend of identities that I bring into my work. To gain just a brief snapshot of the type of person I am, here are some key facts about me:

Passionate about accessibility 
Intersectional feminist
Tea drinker 
Lifelong student
Musical theatre lover
Personal growth
Therapy advocate
Night owl 
Body hair activist

Work with Me

Like the sound of who I am and what I do? You can get in touch with me now, by emailing becki@beckishort.co.uk, or WhatsApp/text/call me on 07584662225. 

Want to find out a bit more about me and what I do before getting in touch? Take a look at some of the links below. 

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