My Process

How I Started

When I began my self-employed journey as a private singing teacher, I quickly found that my students were taking much more from my lessons than just my singing tutelage.

I was providing a safe space and an environment that fostered their personal creativity. I was building  a deep and meaningful rapport with them, to the point where they were able to open up to me in a way they never had with someone before. As well as being their singing teacher, I became a mentor, and a supportive person to talk to when things were getting tough.

I felt so privileged to be able to offer this for so many of my students, but now I understand how to cultivate and encourage this dynamic deliberately, to foster the most creative and fulfilling relationship possible between a student and a coach.

How I Expanded

A few years ago, my company (OmniArts GB) had grown to the point where I was looking to expand, and provide some work for a few other people. I knew I had several teenage and young adult students who wanted to get into the performing arts industry, but didn’t know where to start. So I offered to train them in what I would need them to do, so that I could offer them paid work. 

This grew into not just performance training for my company, but also guidance and coaching on becoming self employed. I became a mentor.

I helped my students identify their strengths and skills, and worked with them to figure out all the possible routes they could take to make a living from what they love. I created a plan with them for how they could achieve their goals in a practical and timely way.

For instance, I utilised my financial planning skills to help them understand how much they needed to earn, and how much they should charge for everything involved in their new business.

An important part of starting a new business is knowing your worth, something first time business owners often struggle to understand. 

How I Work

I am an out of the box thinker, working in the creative industry I have had to be. My business has succeeded in a competitive and fragile space because I have a knack for being able to join dots and make connections that others don’t even see.

I now know how to adapt ideas and develop personal prompts to give you the exact tools to understand and value yourself  in a way that fosters your personal growth and creativity.

What I Offer

What I offer is not your typical business coaching. I’m pulling from my unique life experiences, and am able to blend my teaching skills and practical business experience, to work with you in a customised and personal manner to find the best path for you that will bring out the full potential of your ideas.

The training I offer you will not be the same as what I offer somebody else. And why should it be? You and your passions are unique, your coaching should be too. There’s no single template on how to set up a successful business, which is why I work in a specialised organic way with you, rather than trying to force your ideas fit into a script or rigid coaching model. 

Together we will find your solution for your business.

Anything we create during our sessions is yours. All the concepts for your business stay with you and are tailored for you alone.

Work with Me

Like the sound of who I am and what I do? You can get in touch with me now, by emailing, or WhatsApp/text/call me on 07584662225. 

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