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A portrait image of Becki performing on the stage at Portsmouth Pride taken from the base of the stage, looking up at Becki. They are wearing a rainbow sequin leotard, gold wings and a flower crown in the pansexual flag colours - pink, yellow and blue. They have their arms outstretched and dark hair can be seen under their arms. They have a head mic on, and are looking over the photographer, into the audience, with their mouth wide open and an emotional look on their face, completely involved in their performance. Their dark brown hair is in vintage curls and sits at their shoulders. Behind them is a backdrop with HB on it in pink with yellow dots, and a microphone stand can be seen in the forefront of the image. Another performers face can just be seen, mostly obscured behind one of Becki's arms.Hi! I’m Becki (they/them)

I’m a queer creative and alternative educator with a passion for helping others grow – both as performers and as human beings.

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What I Do

My main services are:

  • Private voice lessons
  • Business mentoring for self-employed people
  • Peer chats

I also do the following:

  • Own and run OmniArts GB
  • Run workshops on a range of subjects – some are organised by me, and I can be hired for events and groups as well
  • Create art – primarily songs and poems

Here’s a little insight into my experience as a teacher and mentor:

I’ve been teaching one-to-one singing lessons for over 11 years, running a performing arts company (OmniArts GB) which I built from the ground up for over 7 years, and performing in many different forms since I was 5 years old.

Over the last 11 years, I have developed a unique and personal style in the way I teach, which allows me to give so much more than just knowledge of the voice to my students.

I provide a safe space in my lessons for my students to open up, and discover more about themselves, as well as their voices. Through this, I have found myself mentoring a number of my young adult students, helping them with not only their vocal development, but also with career pathway ideas and guidance, life skills and personal growth too.

I am also a singer, dancer, actor, songwriter, and poet.

Becki is sitting on a white bench surrounded by beautiful pink and white flowers with a pink and white vertical striped background. They are leaning back on one arm, with both their legs outstretched in the air, and their other arm reaching up to touch the flowers. Their mouth is wide open in a truly joyful laugh, as they look off camera, incredibly happy with their ridiculous pose. They have dark but powerful purple hair, and are wearing a pink A-line skirt, green tights, a green long sleeved shirt, a turquoise quirky bow-tie, and black braces with a variety of pin badges on them. They have no shoes on, and look completely happy and carefree.My Ethos

I’m a huge believer in making your own future, however I also know how many privileges I have had in my life which have allowed me to get to where I am now. I want to give back to those who were given a different start in life, and help put more people on the path to living their dream.

I offer opportunities to anyone who wants them, in whatever way I can, which is why I have such a wide range of options for working with me.

I’m also hugely passionate about intersectionality, being a member of a number of marginalised groups myself, and am constantly working to be a better version of myself.

I try to lift up the voices of those who speak on things I do not, and cannot, fully understand whilst also sharing my own experiences as a queer, disabled, self employed person to help myself and others make sense of ourselves and the world we live in.

I’m a totally outside of the box, fun, energetic, encouraging individual who aims to empower others through the work I do, and live a completely authentic life, being true to myself.

If I had to sum up my ethos in one sentence, it would be: How can I help you?

So, how can I help you?

If you’re a queer creative looking for out of the box self employed business coaching, head to this page.

If you’re someone looking for some singing lessons, no matter your age or ability, find out more here.

If group learning is more your thing, then check out my performing arts company: OmniArts GB to see what we have to offer.

And if you just fancy a chat, pop me a message! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Image with a rainbow coloured background with the words: "This is a Safe Space. Your sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, disability or age have no impact on how I treat you. You are a human being, and you matter. I welcome everyone."
Image with a rainbow coloured background with the words: “This is a Safe Space. Your sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, disability or age have no impact on how I treat you. You are a human being, and you matter. I welcome everyone.”